Colombia will monitor its citizens and register it on a blockchain

Colombia takes a new step in its path of adopting solutions with blockchain. Now, they have announced the creation of a data analysis agency that will use technology to monitor citizen policies in the country's capital, Bogotá.

The mayor of Bogotá, Mayor Claudia López, announced on Monday the creation of the Data Analytical Agency (Ágata), reported the local newspaper El Tiempo . This research center will seek to change the way in which citizen data is analyzed to implement policies in the city , exposes the same source.

Among the policies that will emerge from the analysis in Ágata , the allocation of public resources for works or productive credits stands out. "In a year, the informal will be able to have access to microcredits from the financial system with the best conditions, to avoid being subjected to traditional usury methods," López said in this regard.

In addition, the authorities foresee the use of Agate for the prevention of crime and the action of security agencies against crimes committed in the city. To do this, Ágata will be able to link data from security cameras arranged in the Colombian capital for follow-up.

With the same approach, tests have already been done with the monitoring of the use of masks for the prevention of covid-19, reported the manager of the TransMilenio transport system, Felipe Ramírez. "The possibilities are immense" with the use of this technology , said the executive.

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