Crypto Money World Response to Hack Allegations to US Treasury Department

The US Treasury Department has been under attack for several years, according to the Reuters report we gave you yesterday. In fact, this attack allegedly belongs to a hacker group supported by a foreign government.

After this news broke last night, the response of the cryptocurrency community was quick. Responding to the attackers attacking the US Treasury Department as well as the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, important names of the cryptocurrency world talked about the advantages of Bitcoin (BTC).

"Bitcoin can never be hacked," said Dan Held, one of Kraken executives, on Twitter. Bitcoin maximalist Anthony Pompliano also supported Held by saying "Bitcoin has never been hacked."

Blockfolio explained, "Bitcoin means more reliance on a SHA256 algorithm than the US Treasury."

Alan Gal, one of the famous crypto money analysts, responded to this incident with an image from Ricky and Morty with a humorous language and said, "The leaked image of what hackers have managed to do to the US Treasury".

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