Donald Trump Jr. participated in a new Blockchain project

 Donald Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. has joined an initiative that uses Blockchain with the goal of creating a new media layout.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of incumbent US President Donald Trump, has joined an initiative that uses blockchain technology to "make news trustworthy" again.

According to a press release released yesterday, Donald Trump Jr. has joined a group of prominent journalists, well-known personalities and capital partners who will collaborate with the Blockchain research group Overline to form Overline Media Partners (OMP), along with his lover, renowned lawyer Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Trump Jr. Regarding the subject, “Americans know that the media order is corrupt, we do not have to focus on the negative. True, the need for uncensored news is both a fundamental right and an enormous opportunity. Along with Kimberly and the wonderful people at the OMP, we have the technology, our capital, and the moral imperative to create it. Let's finish this job. " said.

"With Overline Verified Viewer, networks use popular blockchains to reward viewers who prove they watch the news with digital currency," said Patrick McConlogue, CEO of Overline. With these coins given to viewers, you will not only have more reliable reporters but also more reliable viewers. This is a brand new paradigm in the field of news. " used the expressions.

Trump Jr. He is known for his harsh criticism of the US media order. For the moment, it remains unclear what kind of planning they are doing on the Overline. Overline could be starting a new media company running on Blockchain, and if this is true, it would definitely be an important step for the industry. There has been long speculation that Trump may start his own television channel after leaving the presidency.

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