Famous investment advisor discloses cryptocurrency portfolio, praises XRP

 Ric Edelman, who was named the country's best independent financial adviser three times by Barron's leading financial media outlet, said he believes and invested in cryptocurrencies.

Edelman, the founder of Edelman Financial Engines, which has $ 230 billion in assets under its management, stated in an interview with Real Vision that he first took up cryptocurrencies in 2014.

Edelman stated that since then he has grown his portfolio and has also invested in Ethereum. The successful investor described XRP as a cryptocurrency that could play an important role in the cryptocurrency revolution:

“We increased our position with my wife Jean and invested in Ethereum as well. Frankly, I'm excited about Ethereum as well as Bitcoin for completely different reasons. I'm not talking about something like Cola and Pepsi here, but two fundamentally different aspects of this technological revolution. We can spread this to Ripple as well. The reason many of these important coins exist is because they solve a problem faced by others. Bitcoin is not the ultimate solution. "

Edelman pointed out that many altcoins are doomed to unknown. Investment advisor, "There are technological reasons for the existence of other coins. Many of them are silly, but some of them make sense. ” said. He emphasized that he chose not to mine personally in mining, and that mining takes a lot of time.

Edelman said in an interview in November 2018 that while the price of Bitcoin was trading at $ 4,000, it might be the best time for those who haven't invested in Bitcoin yet to get in. “People were very excited to buy Bitcoin at $ 19,000 last year. The same people don't want to buy Bitcoin for $ 4,000. ” he spoke in the form.

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