IOTA officially launches Chrysalis test network tomorrow

 The IOTA team is officially launching the Chrysalis (IOTA 1.5) test network tomorrow publicly.

The IOTA Foundation announced today that the Chrysalis test network will be launched on December 14.

So far, IOTA developers have tried Chrysalis on a private test network. Jakub Cech, director of engineering for IOTA, said in a blog post earlier this week that they are fine-tuning all the "little things" needed to get the test network going public.

IOTA's biggest update to date

Chrysalis is a term used to describe a series of important updates that will make the network ready for enterprise use before IOTA 2.0 (also called Coordicide) goes live. This intermediate step is expected to make the transition to Coordicide much smoother while increasing the scalability of IOTA and adding new features.

The introduction of Chrysalis to the market takes place in two stages. Following the launch of Phase 1, the first phase of Chrysalis, in August, the network's transaction capacity increased to 1500 transactions per second. In addition, the confirmation time has been reduced to 10 seconds. Previously, the IOTA network could handle 20 transactions per second, while the approval time was 2 minutes.

Meanwhile, an important change took place in the management of IOTA the previous day. In the statement made by IOTA, it was announced that the roads were parted with David Sonstebo, one of the co-founders of the project. This decision was greeted with surprise by the IOTA community.

IOTA fell behind expectations with its price performance this year. Cryptocurrency has increased by 85 percent since the beginning of the year. By contrast, Bitcoin gained 162 percent, Ethereum 354 percent and Cardano 360 percent.

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