Phishing attack against Ledger now targets Trezor bitcoin wallets

A new phishing or fake link attack is in development in the bitcoiner ecosystem. A group of hackers who in October tried to steal funds from users of the hardware wallet, Ledger, is now targeting those of the Trezor wallet.

The pirates use the same modus operandi applied two months ago. 

The plan in development is to send fake emails to users informing them that their wallets have been disabled. The fictitious argument is that new KYC (Know Your Customer) regulatory standards have been applied.

The origin of the attack would be related to a leak of data from Ledger users . It is that same database that the hackers would be using, but now identifying their message with the Trezor brand.

The manufacturer warned about what was happening on its Twitter account and clarified that the wallets have no problem. In addition, he invited users to keep their private keys safe so as not to put their bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general at risk .

Attackers are using Ledger's leaked database to spam people in the hopes that they also own the Trezor device. Please ignore these phishing attempts and keep your seed (private keys) safe. Your Trezor is fine », was the message posted on the social network.

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